Community Leader Climate Programme

Climate change will have a significant impact on Scotland’s communities over the next 10 years.

Changing weather patterns and sea level rise will put pressure on the natural environment that we all depend on as well as on critical infrastructure such as energy networks, water supply, transport and buildings.

Scotland's plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will also bring significant changes to many core areas of our lives; from the way we travel to the food we eat, from the buildings we live in, to the jobs we do.  

There will be risks for communities to manage, but also significant opportunities to exploit. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions could lead to cleaner air, less congested streets, better public transport, reduced commuting, an end to fuel poverty, healthier food, richer wildlife, increased physical activity, stronger community cohesion and new business opportunities.

We are delighted to offer both training and support through the Community Leader Climate Programme which is funded by the Scottish Government.

We have online Climate Emergency Training for communities, with the second block of training open for registration now - please see below for further information. We are also inviting applications from communities to access a package of support that will help one community in Scotland to develop its own Community Climate Action Plan.

The Climate Emergency training is offered as a four week programme, equivalent to eight hours of learning. Over these four weeks we will cover the basics of climate science, current and likely future impacts of climate change and what it may mean for your communities, where emissions come from, explore how to communicate climate change and ways to encourage others to take steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

There are four modules to the course which will be delivered via a series of video guides, live webinars, online activities, and quizzes. We will use Google Classrooms for much of the content and Zoom for the live webinars.

Anyone from a community-led organisation in Scotland who is interested in taking action on climate change can register for the training, apart from those who have already undertaken Carbon Literacy for Communities training through the Climate Challenge Fund.

The Community Leader Climate Programme is free and will give you an understanding of the Climate Emergency and its implications for communities. Completing this programme will equip you to help your community navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead and to play a positive role in Scotland’s journey to a low carbon future.

Alastair Seaman, Climate Change Manager, Keep Scotland Beautiful

We are delighted that this course has been accredited by the award winning Carbon Literacy Project in Manchester. Carbon Literacy means having an instinctive understanding of the carbon impacts of our activities, and being able to make informed choices about the most energy and resource efficient and lower carbon options available to us.

Participants who successfully complete the training can gain official accreditation through our partnership with the Carbon Literacy Project.

The Community Leader Climate Programme is funded by the Scottish Government.


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You can book your space here.

Please contact Claire Gibson claire.gibson@keepscotlandbeautiful.org if you have queries about an existing application.

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