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Promoting your project

Many community-led organisations find the most challenging part of their project is encouraging people to get involved with their project.

We provide training and support to help you promote your project and meet branding and promotional requirements.

Training opportunities

Workshops to help you to develop a more effective plan to promote your project and improve engagement have taken place in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Stirling. You can view resources from the workshop below.

Branding and promotional requirements

We have produced summary guides and downloadable logos, templates, press releases and presentations to help your project meet branding and promotional requirements. Please refer to these guides before producing online or printed material.

Promoting your news

We're keen to promote your news through our website news section, newsletter and by social media. Please do get in touch with our Marketing Officer, Tim Mullens if you wish to share your news. Please contact Tim on his direct line (01786 468245) or by email (

Tim can also provide projects with one-to-one support, signpost to resources for events and provide feedback on press releases.

Also, don't forget to tag us each time you mention your CCF project on social media. We have a Climate Challenge Fund Facebook Page (@ClimateChallengeFund) and Twitter account (@CCFScot).

Project guides and tools

Below you can find presentation slides, guidance and tools featured in our 'Increasing Participation in your Project' workshop.

Workshop presentation slides - View the slides from the 'Increasing Participation in your Project' workshop.

Summary guides and downloadable logos, templates, press releases and presentations to help your project meet branding and promotional requirements. 

Promoting your project - A concise guide suggesting various ways to promote your project.

Making money go further - This guide links to useful and free third party resources; don't recreate the wheel.

Project healthcheck - Identify areas you need to improve in the promotion of your project and who can help you.

Bingo exercise - Identify other projects which have  promoted their projects by various methods. Could you do the same?

Elevator pitch - Use this tool to develop a concise and clear 'pitch' to promote your project. Remember to have a clear 'ask'.

Circles of influence - Use this activity to map what individuals or organisations in your community could help you with your project and to make a plan.

Engagement Planning tool - This engagement planning tool can help you prepare for any outreach work you do to make sure you make each conversation count. You can use it at one off events, or if you have a regular drop in session. 

Participant journey - Engagement to recruit project participants is an ongoing process and is something it’s useful to have a plan for. 


Branding support and guidance
Guidance and downloadable resources to help you effectivley brand and promote your CCF or ERDF funded project. Please refer to this guidance before creating online and print materials.