Plan your waste project

To help you plan your waste project and complete your Climate Challenge Fund application form, you will be supplied with guidance and a new tool to help you estimate your carbon emission savings.


Outcomes and project planning

See our Example Project Plan for Waste Projects.

You can find out more about developing outcomes through our video guide.


Estimating carbon savings

To help you estimate the carbon emissions (CO2e) savings of your CCF project we have produced a new tool. The tool has sections to help you estimate CO2e savings for a number of activities for each project theme, so that you can establish what initiatives will be likely make the the largest savings. The tool will be emailed to you by your Development Officer with the CCF application form and guidance notes.

You can see an example of how the tool has been used to estimate carbon savings for a waste project in our Example Project Plan for Waste Projects.


Eligible items and activities

You'll need to ensure that items and activities you include in your project are eligible for CCF funding. You should check the list of these items specifically for waste projects, but you also the eligibility of items and activities for other themes your project will cover.


Partners and third party resources

Your Development Officer will outline key organisations you should work with to plan and deliver your project. They will also outline third party resources that will prove helpful. You can see a summary of partners and third party support for waste projects, but you should also consult other themes your project will cover.


Video guide and case studies

If you are looking for inspiration, might also find it useful to watch our Reuse and Repair video guide and consult case studies of previously funded CCF projects that have tackled waste.


Reuse and repair

Our 'reuse and repair' guide provides advice and support for community-led organisations planning a Climate Challenge Fund project to tackle waste. Although the information is targeted at Climate Challenge Fund projects, it should be useful for all.

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