Plan your outcomes

Clearly defining the change you intend to bring about from your project, and having a plan to measure that change, are crucial ingredients for securing funding and running a successful project. 

Outcomes are the changes that your project will make. An outcome describes what is changing, how it is changing and who is changing. Our Measuring Success video guide and accompanying downloadable pdf demonstrates how you can develop outcomes and measure the difference your project is making.



We have Example Project Plans for each theme of the CCF showing you how to structure outcomes, project activities and plan monitoring and evaluation.

Example Project Plan for Community Owned Buildings Projects

Example Project Plan for Energy Efficiency Projects

Example Project Plan for Food Projects

Example Project Plan for Waste Projects

Example Project Plan for Transport Projects


Project tools

Developing Outcomes - this template guides you through the steps you need to think through to create measurable, SMART outcomes for your project.

Carbon Outcomes Monitoring Grid - this useful template will help you plan how you'll collect data to estimate the carbon impact of your project.


Recommended third party resources

Evaluation Support Scotland - have a range of resources to help you with evaluating your project. This is particularly useful for 'softer' outcomes. Evaluation Support Scotland also provide training and other support.


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