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Successful community action on climate change starts with good planning. 

All Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) projects seek to change people's behaviour, encouraging and supporting them to adopt low carbon behaviours.  Shifting Normal is an approach that aims to help you change things for the better by bringing together academic research on behaviour change with learning from successful community projects. You can find more information about how you should use Shifting Normal to plan your project via the 'Shifting Normal' section below.

Clearly defining the change you intend to bring about from your project, and having a plan to measure that change, are crucial ingredients for securing funding and running a successful project.  You can find a video guide and further resources to support you develop outcomes and measure the difference your project is making in the 'Plan your outcomes' section.

For all those planning a CCF project, it's worth remembering that Bright Green Business offer a CCF Recruitment Support Service, which assists by placing qualified and motivated interns to work on specific areas of a CCF project. Bright Green Business take care of the administration.

We are running Application Development Workshops in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness and Stirling at end of September through to mid October. The purpose of these workshops is to provide extra support in developing your final application to the CCF. Further details are available on the events section of the CCF website.

You can also find information and resources that will help you to plan a successful CCF project organised by theme of project below.


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