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Climate conversations

Why not start a discussion about climate change with your community?

A series of 'Climate Conversations' has been initiated by the Scottish Government to encourage a discussion about how we can reduce the emissions that cause climate change, and prepare for a changing climate.  You could hold a Climate Conversation with a group of friends or a local community group.

Feedback from these conversations will support a better understanding of what people feel about the actions needed to cope with climate change.


The Scottish Government have developed a How to Guide and associated images to support your conversation. These resources were based on the research undertaken by Climate Outreach on behalf of the Scottish Government and ClimateXChange.

The Scottish Government anticipates that each community organisation should be able to facilitate the ‘Climate Conversation’ themselves however, if required Keep Scotland Beautiful may be able to assist with this.

Publicising your Climate Conversation

We have produced an editable template press release if you are running a Climate Conversation. The press release should help you spread the word about your Climate Conversation via the local media and help attract attendees. If you are a Climate Challenge Fund Grant Recipient, notify your Development Officer and tag in our Facebook and Twitter social media feeds


The Scottish Government would like each participating organisation to share the results of their Climate Conversation by completing and submitting the report template available in the downloadable How to Guide.

Once a report has been completed please email to both and