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Climate change is a name given to the change in our climatic patterns, particularly over the last few decades. Climate change will impact on all us and it will take a concerted effort to tackle it. Learn more about the causes and impacts climate change, plus ways to tackle it.

In Scotland we expect more extreme weather events, wetter winters and drier summers. This will increase flooding and damage to infrastructure. It will also affect the crops we can grow, our ecosystems and our natural plants and animals. Some of these changes are happening already.

Worldwide we expect more unpredictable and changing weather patterns resulting in droughts, flooding and disruption to ecosystems. This will affect global food and water supply, the livelihoods of millions, and will result in climate refugees. Worldwide, glaciers and ice sheets are melting and sea levels are rising. Many coastal cities and whole islands are at risk of being flooded by the rise in sea levels.

Our planet is surrounded by a blanket of 'greenhouse gases' in the atmosphere. These greenhouse gases have kept our planet warm enough to sustain life. Scientific evidence is clear that human activities have increased this blanket of greenhouse gases, causing our planet to heat up which in turn is leading to changes in our climate.

We all produce greenhouse gases in many ways, including how we heat and light our homes, the way we travel and produce food and how we dispose of our waste. The total of greenhouse gases we each produce is know as our carbon footprint.

If we all work together to reduce our carbon footprints we can help to tackle climate change. Our short film explains more.


Take action on climate change

Following the agreement made on 12 December 2015 at the United Nations Climate Change Negotiations in Paris we all need to work hard to reduce our own carbon emissions.

Whether you are an individual or are representing an organisation Keep Scotland Beautiful has provided a number of ways to help enable you to take action on climate change, both through our own programmes and signposting to third party organisations. We see it as part of our work to help make Scotland clean, green and more sustainable.


You can download our print-ready 'Guide to climate change' leaflet which covers causes and impacts climate change, plus ways to tackle it.

We'll have posters ready for download soon.


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