South Ayrshire

We are pleased to share success stories, learning and reflection from the Climate Challenge Fund through the final reports of projects from South Ayrshire.

FreshAyr CleanAyr GreenAyr, run by Ayr United Football Academy 

Grant awarded: £126,821

Project Dates: 1 September 2014 - 31 March 2016

Ayr United Football Academy ran the FreshAyr, CleanAyr, GreenAyr project involving Academy staff and players in reducing carbon emissions through activities including recycling of strips and boots, plus energy efficient washing and drying of strips. The project also provided fuel efficient driver training and encouraged lift-sharing to reduce carbon emissions associated with travel to practice and matches. In addition, the Academy incorporated an educational component into the project by promoting sustainable practices and lower carbon choices in the Schools and communities of South Ayrshire. As well as reducing carbon emissions the project provided the community with a supply of used sports kit helping to reduce the costs of participating in sport.

Read the final report:

FreshAyr, CleanAyr, GreenAyr - CCF Final Report


Greener GMW, run by Glenburn Miners Welfare Football Club

Grant awarded: £95,777

Project Dates: 1 April 2015 - 31 March 2016

Glenburn Miners Welfare Football Club in South Ayrshire ran the Greener GMW project to reduce carbon emissions and costs associated with local football. Project activities included reuse of unwanted sports kit destined for landfill, bulk energy efficient laundry of kit and promotion of both car sharing and fuel efficient driving. As well as reducing carbon emissions and helping to tackle climate change the project worked to provide the community with access to good quality, low cost football kit.

Read the final report:

Greener GMW - CCF Final Report


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