Perth and Kinross

We are pleased to share success stories, learning and reflection from Climate Challenge Fund through the final reports of projects from Perth and Kinross.

Greener Living Coupar Angus (GLCA), run by Forward Coupar Angus

Grant awarded: £158,728

Project Dates: 1 June 2014 - 31 March 2016

Greener Living Coupar Angus (GLCA), run by Forward Coupar Angus, worked to develop a range of activities to help the community reduce their carbon emissions in the areas of food and travel, helping to tackle climate change. GLCA worked with local farmers to supply local produce through a shop and farmers market while community growing space and workshops provided opportunities for residents to grow their own. Development of a car club, hire bikes, cycle training and a bike festival aimed to help people make less journeys by car and promote lower carbon travel options.

View the final report:

Greener Living Coupar Angus - CCF Final Report


Upcycling Coupar Angus run by Coupar Angus Primary School

Grant awarded: £63,900

Project Dates: 3 November 2014 - 31 March 2016

Upcycling Coupar Angus worked to reduce waste in the town by establishing an Upcycling Centre in Coupar Angus Primary School, Perth and Kinross. The Upcycling Centre will saved items destined for landfill and the associated carbon emissions, turning them into products which can be sold for the benefit of the School. The project complimented and built on other sustainable activities run by the school, many of which have been instigated by pupils. Upcycling Coupar Angus aimed to develop a culture of waste reduction and upcycling which is second nature to the next generation of Coupar Angus children.

View the final report for Upcycling Coupar Angus:

Upcycling Coupar Angus - CCF Final Report


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