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Theme gatherings

The 2017 Theme Gatherings will bring together community organisations from all over Scotland who are working to reduce emissions where they are .  Keep Scotland Beautiful invites community-led organisations who are actively involved in (or interested in) taking action on climate change in their communities to what should be a series of interesting and inspiring days.


CCF Reuse and Repair Gathering - Tuesday 25th July at The Remakery, Edinburgh

CCF Transport Gathering - Thursday 3rd August at Callendar House, Falkirk

CCF Home Energy and Community Buildings Gathering - Wednesday 16th August at Burgh Halls, Linlithgow

CCF Food Gathering - Wednesday 23rd August at Lamancha Hub


Each day will be an opportunity to learn about and discuss the challenges and opportunities for Scotland’s communities to reduce carbon their carbon emissions, with particular reference to the plans detailed in the Scottish Government’s Draft Climate Change Plan.  Throughout the day delegates will take part in activities that will help to inform new guidance that Keep Scotland Beautiful is producing to help community groups deliver the most effective carbon reduction projects.  As well as the formal structure of the day, there will be plenty of opportunity to network and share learning with other community organisations from across Scotland. 

Structure of the day:

Morning Session 1: What will our Low Carbon Communities look like…….

After hearing about the current situation and the targets and proposals set out in the Draft Climate Change Plan, we’ll be hearing from 2-3 community organisations that have been working to reduce carbon emissions.

Morning Session 2: …and how do we get there?

We’ll be discussing what the targets and proposals would mean in our communities, and what we can do to get us there.

Networking Lunch:

Over an extended lunch break we’ll be there'll be an inspiring activity.

Afternoon Session 1: What matters to people when it comes to [food, home energy, travel, stuff]

Help us to explore what really matters to people when you’re engaging with them on adopting low-carbon behaviours.  What deep seated values do people attach to these everyday activities? The results of this workshop will help us to inform a new resource Keep Scotland Beautiful will be producing later in the year.

Afternoon Session 2: Shifting Normal

Shifting Normal was launched at the CCF Gathering in 2015 as a tool to help communities to change things for the better.  We’ll be using the ‘Four Questions; Four Zones’ Framework from Shifting Normal to crowd source common opportunities and barriers to the uptake of low-carbon behaviours in communities.  We’ll be using the results of this workshop to help inform a new resource that Keep Scotland Beautiful will be producing later in the year.