South Seeds Mentor Profiles

South Seeds is a community organisation based in the South Central area of Glasgow.  They aim to work in partnership with residents and organisations within the local community to help improve the look and feel of the area.

Under the Climate Challenge Fund South Seeds is further developing the project to increase energy awareness and helping people learn more about growing food and reducing the amount of waste that they produce.


South Seeds Mentor Profile: Lucy Gillie

'South Seeds Shop

I turned around a failing community led organisation which trustees, funders and residents had lost interest and faith in. The charity is now based on the local high street, delivering a range of services successfully for all local residents as well as engaging positively with key stakeholders such as the council and local housing associations.

My background is providing support for community led organisations and now I manage a community led organisation, I am able to apply current policy and support to the work I do.

My approach is to ensure others can understand what we are trying to achieve and do, so that it is easier for people to get involved and participate.

My expertise is understanding policy and applying it to what is happening on the ground. Community led groups which understand policy development can deliver government priorities and access funding and support.

I have supported organisations in both urban and rural settings and I understand how those communities can differ.

Tell me what you want your community to achieve and I can help you on your journey of supporting that community achieve change. The journey always starts with getting others involved, finding out what they think and growing the number of people involved in moving the community forward.

Areas of Experience:

Home energy advice; Active travel; Food growing


Project Management; Team management; Social Media; Marketing; Community engagement; Funding applications;  Monitoring and evaluation

Types of support offered:

Support to develop project ideas/ applications; Support to develop/run project activities; Trouble-shooting advice for projects underway; Support to build organisational capacity

Mentoring offered through

One-one advice; A tailored support package; Running workshops with a team

If you would like to arrange mentoring support from Lucy Gillie contact Claire Gibson claire.gibson@keepscotlandbeautiful.org

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