Framework of Mentoring Organisations

We recognise there is a wealth of experience and knowledge within community-led organisations.  The ‘Framework of Mentoring Organisations’ is a new initiative from the Climate Challenge Fund which will support sharing of expertise and experience between community-led organisations.

The aim of the framework is to:

  • Enable community organisations to access the knowledge and experience of other community organisations with a significant track-record of results in terms of community action on climate change
  • Catalyse action on climate change in new communities and audiences.
  • Provide a framework to support more experienced community organisations to offer advice and mentoring
  • Support the capacity of experienced community organisations to provide advice and consultation services.


Joining the Framework of Mentoring Organisations

If you feel that you and your organisation could support others to develop capacity and deliver projects you can apply to join the Framework.  Named individuals within community-led organisations will complete a short application form detailing their suitability to be a mentor and kinds of support being offered.  Mentors will be asked to provide a short online profile and to provide information on costs for the support being offered. 

Your application will be assessed against three key criteria, and if successful your online profile will be published.  The three criteria are as follows:

  1. Mentors must be acting on behalf of a community-led organisation
  2. Mentors must demonstrate a successful track-record delivering community projects, preferably focused on community action on climate change, providing evidence where appropriate.
  3. Mentors must provide satisfaction that the individual and organisation have the capacity to carry-out mentoring support in addition to grant funded activities.

If you're interested in joining the Framework please email CBP Officer Claire Gibson at claire.gibson@keepscotlandbeautiful.org for an application form.


Accessing the Framework of Mentoring Organisations

If you are looking for some support with developing a project idea, building organisational capacity or troubleshooting a current project, you can approach any of the Mentors listed on the Framework. Read the online profiles to identify a mentor who you think is most suitable for your requirements.

Once you've identified a mentor complete a short Mentoring Expression of Interest form (download available soon) identifying the mentor and detailing what you want to achieve from the mentoring support.  You can pay for the mentoring support in one of three ways:

1. If the support relates to a current CCF Project you can pay using your CCF Grant.  You will need to submit a proposal to your Development Officer outlining how the mentoring support will help you meet your outcomes.

2. Apply for Development Grant, detailing clear outcomes that you hope the mentoring support will deliver. 

3. From any other funds you have secured, for which this would be eligible expenditure.  


Mentors - You can browse the Organisations on the Framework by clicking on the organisation names below:

Forth Environment Link

Lightburn Elderly Association Project - R:Evolve Recycle

South Seeds

Edinburgh and Lothians Regional Equality Council

Garioch Sports and Community Centre



Other Mentoring Schemes

There are a number of other mentoring schemes which may be of interest.


FCFCG Scotland Mentors is a pilot of an inter-project mentoring scheme to support community gardens run by the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens in Scotland. The scheme is funded by Big Lottery Investing in Ideas and The Central Scotland Green Network Trust (CSGNT).


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