Workshops included the chance to meet the Climate Challenge Fund community, learn more about new CCF initiatives and discuss how communities can contribute to future plans and policies.

Each of the workshops below ran twice, giving delegates the chance to attend two of the six workshops.

Workshop 1: CCF Community Bingo

Feedback from previous CCF Gatherings has often featured comments such as ‘great day but would have liked more time for networking.’  This fun, structured networking session aimed to get participants talking to new people at the CCF Gathering, encouraging them to find out more about the individuals that are part of the CCF Community.  Workshop participants received a ‘people bingo’ grid and were set the challenge to get a full house by talking to other people in the room. 

The workshop was facilitated by Keep Scotland Beautiful.

To see projects that are currently funded see the CCF Funded Projects Map.  You can read about and view videos of past projects on our Case Studies webpage.

Workshop 2: Are we engaging our communities with climate change?

Yes, we’re all running great projects, but are we encouraging real engagement with climate change in our communities? Or do we leave the climate message in the background? How can we encourage climate-friendly behaviours, increase knowledge of the links between everyday actions and their climate impacts and shift stubborn social norms? Is “climate literacy” a useful concept? This workshop invited participants to share their successes and frustrations around “climate change engagement”.

The discussion was facilitated by Joshua Msika, social researcher at the James Hutton Institute, currently conducting research into CCF projects’ ability to engage their communities with climate change.

You can find lots of resources aimed at supporting community engagement on climate change through the Climate Change Engagement section of our website. 

Workshop 3: Peer to Peer Resource Library and the Framework of Mentoring Organisations

This year the CCF has launched two new initiatives aimed at encouraging and facilitating the sharing of expertise, knowledge and resources between community organisations.  The workshop gave delegates the opportunity to hear about the ‘Online Peer-Peer Resource Library’ and the ‘Framework of Mentoring Organisations’, and take part in a discussion about how these initiatives could be developed to better harness the collective knowledge and experience of the CCF Community.

The workshop was facilitated by Keep Scotland Beautiful.

You can find out how to join the Peer-Peer Resource Library here and more information about the Framework of Mentoring Organisations here.

You can download a copy of the presentation from this workshop here.

Workshop 4: Meet the CCF Stakeholder Working Group

Tackling climate change requires action at all levels, governments, agencies, NGOs and communities. It also requires that these different groups work together.  In this workshop members of the newly established ‘Stakeholder Working Group’ were brought together to give short updates on how the work they do can support community groups to tackle climate change locally.  Following this there was an opportunity to pose questions to members of the panel of Stakeholder Working Group members and break into groups to discuss items of interest in further detail.

The workshop was facilitated by Keep Scotland Beautiful.

The 'Resources from Third Parties' webpages host information and resources from various stakeholders that can support community action on climate change.  Stakeholders can submit project ideas for community organisations to run in the 'Ideas Bank'

You can download copy of the presentations from this workshop here.

Workshop 5: The Scottish Government’s Climate Change Plan – building a vision for a better future’

Robert Henderson and Alicia Kaczmarczyk set out the Scottish Government’s plans to build a vision of a better future into its imminent final Climate Change Plan, which will describe the policies and proposals to achieve Scotland’s targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions between 2018 and 2032.  The workshop gave the opportunity for participants to tell their stories of the CCF to help construct this vision, and asked how communities can contribute to making a success of the policies and proposals in the Plan.

You can read the Draft Climate Change Plan here.  You can find the report from the consultation that Scottish Communities Climate Action Network carried out here


Workshop 6: Climate Conversation

The 'Climate Conversation' workshop was initiated last year by the Scottish Government to encourage a discussion about how we can reduce the emissions that cause climate change, and prepare for a changing climate.  In this workshop participants had the chance to take part in the workshop and gain the confidence to run a Climate Conversation in their own communities. These resources were based on the research undertaken by Climate Outreach on behalf of the Scottish Government and ClimateXChange.

You can download a copy of the presentation from the workshop here.

A Summary Report on the findings from the first phase of Climate Conversations can be found here.

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