Awards Panel choice winner and shortlisted nominees

We are delighted to share details of the winner and projects shortlisted in the CCF Awards Panel choice category.

The ‘CCF Awards Panel Choice’ highlights a specific element of innovative feature of a project that has made an important contribution to local action on climate change through the CCF.

We congratulate the winner of the CCF Awards Panel Choice Award - Embedding North Glasgow’s Green Legacy, North Glasgow Housing Association, City of Glasgow

This project reduced the amount of waste going to landfill and created opportunities for recycling and re-use.  A distribution centre was established to help local residents divert furniture and household items from landfill, together with a doorstep textile collection service. The project has also raised awareness of climate change through the provision of creative activities such as graphic illustration sessions.

CCF Awards Panel summary of winner: North Glasgow Housing Association stood out to the Awards Panel as organisation that could easily have taken a top down approach to this project.  Instead it embraced the ‘community’ ethos of the Climate Challenge Fund, building the project based on a community identified need, always listening for feedback, using community events to build support.  The result was a project that had an impressive impact with a well established legacy to continue delivering carbon savings.

We were pleased to catch up with Margaret Fraser to hear her thoughts about the project and winning the award.

We commend the shortlisted nominees

Chinese Climate Change Project, Chinese Community Development Partnership (CCDP), Glasgow City

Shortlisted as an example of how CCF Projects can support outreach into ‘hard to reach groups’, not only to provide energy advice and tackle fuel poverty, but also raising awareness of climate change.

The Chinese Climate Change Project has helped to raise the awareness of climate change and its implications. The project was instigated by CCDP members to help them and the wider Chinese community in Glasgow engage in carbon emission reduction activities in order to help tackle climate change. A wide variety of activities such as talks, radio broadcasts, visits and fun stalls with climate change themes were organised with translation into native languages where required. Home visits and monitoring of energy usage helped households to reduce energy consumption.

LED Energy Community, Tighean Innse Gall, Western Isles

Shortlisted as an example of good partnership working between Tighean Innse Gall, the Point and Sandwick Development Trust, plus the project linked in well with Home Energy Scotland and the Warmer Homes Scotland scheme.

Tighean Innse Gall partnered with Point & Sandwick Development Trust to help a community become lit by LED lighting. Free energy surveys were offered with the incentive of LED bulbs.  Households also received an Energy Performance Certificate with TIG using these to leverage other funding for further household improvements. Further project activities included energy efficiency advice help householders reduce energy use, carbon emissions and fuel poverty, with engagement in conversations on climate change.


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