Youth climate action

The Climate Challenge Fund is empowering young people to take action on climate change

Projects led by and involving young people taking local action on climate change have applied successfully for funding through the Climate Challenge Fund with a number of projects currently in receipt of funding.

Projects led by young people have previously received funding and support through the Junior Climate Challenge Fund (JCCF). A Youth Panel was established in 2012 to make recommendations to the Scottish Government of which projects should be awarded JCCF grants. The Panel were supported by Keep Scotland Beautiful and Young Scot and awarded grants of £916,333 to 13 youth-led projects taking local action on climate change.

When funding for projects led-by and involving young people was made available directly through the CCF, a number of Youth Panel members sat on the CCF Grants Panel.

You can find out more more about some of the youth climate action projects funded through the JCCF and CCF in the videos below.

Chain Reaction is a programme of cycling activities delivered by young people in the Muirhouse Pilton and Granton areas of Edinburgh. Awarded a JCCF grant of £98,795 in February 2014 and applied successfully for a CCF grant in 2015/16.


LEAP Yep, (Local Energy Action Plan Youth Engagement Programme): a series of workshops, pop up events and social gatherings devised by and for young people across four communities in Renfrewshire. Through activities such as Recycle and Dye workshops the project is enabled young people to learn about their environment and gain practical skills to reduce their carbon emissions. LEAP have been awarded funding through both the JCCF and CCF.


Charlie’s Plot: a project led by young people in Methilhill, Fife to grow and cook their own fruit and vegetables, learn about climate change and to share that information with their community. Methilhill Community Children’s Initiative was awarded a JCCF grant of £29,904 to support the young people.


UPower: a project managed by a youth panel and supported by Rural and Urban Training Scheme Ltd (RUTS) and was awarded a JCCF grant of £221,558 in June 2014. The project has since secured further CCF funding and works with primary and secondary schools, youth groups and community groups in Midlothian to promote lower carbon behaviour such as cycling instead of car use.

Student Associations, University Transition groups and a college were among more than 100 organisations announced on 20th February as being awarded grants in the 23rd round of the Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund (CCF).

Transition Heriot Watt was awarded a CCF grant of £120,125 to help reduce the environmental impact of everyday actions at Heriot-Watt University through the Our Low Carbon Community project. The project includes a range of low carbon activities such as the collection and redistribution of items no longer needed by students at the end of term and support for students and staff to reduce energy use and travel more sustainably.

Transition Heriot Watt have also been awarded CCF funding in previous years and have produced a video demonstrating some of their achievements.

Further organisations awarded CCF grants that are led-by, or involve the student community include:

  • Robert Gordon University Student Association: £145,093 for the RGU:Revolve project, (includes maximum funding of £14,562 from the European Regional Development Fund)
  • Abertay Student Association: £59,605 for the EcoAbertay project
  • The Students' Association of the University of the West of Scotland: £86,506 for the Engage, Empower Embed E3 project
  • Cantraybridge College: £52,652 for the Cantraybridge Energy Opportunities for Life project
  • Swap and Reuse Hub Co­operative in Edinburgh: £107,759 for the The SHRUB Swap & Reuse Hub, (includes maximum funding of £12,358 from the European Regional Development Fund)
  • St Andrews Environmental Network, in partnership with Transition University of St Andrew and St Andrews Botanic Gardens: £149,986 for the St Andrews Community Carbon Challenge

Scout groups champion energy efficiency: CCF projects, such as those run by 7th Stirling (Beechwood) Scout Group and 4th West Lothian Scout Group have installed energy efficient measures to improve the energy efficiency of their Scout Halls. The projects have included input from the scouts who have also have engaged with their communities to help people live more sustainable lives.


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