The workshop sessions at the 2019 Gathering will provide a variety of learning opportunities.

Peer learning with Climate Challenge Fund Grant Recipients

These sessions will involve Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) Grant Recipients sharing their ideas and learning in the areas of energy, food, transport and waste with two further sessions covering creatives ways of talking about climate change and reaching a wider audience.

Energy Experts - Getting to net zero means using less energy and changing how we generate it. What does that look like at community level? We’ll hear from a project that has catalysed a mini-movement of domestic renewables in its community and one that has turned an old cold building into a vibrant energy-efficient venue that’s breathing new life into its community.  

Fantastic food - Learn about some of the most creative work in the food strand of the CCF. We will look at community fridges; what they are, how they work and the impact they can have on food poverty and food waste - and we’ll explore how you can help your community to make low carbon food choices.  

Tricky Transport - Transport is the biggest source of greenhouse gases in Scotland and one of the hardest aspects of human behaviour to influence. So how can community groups encourage a modal shift to cycling? We’ll hear from practitioners working in both urban and rural settings about the creative approaches they are using and the lessons they have learned along the way.  

Wonderful waste - Better than Recycling; Reuse and Repair are vital aspects of a circular economy. Find out how CCF projects have used Swap Shops and Repair Cafés to grow a culture and practice of repair and reuse in their communities. We’ll look at how they work in practice and share top tips for starting or growing these initiatives in your own community.  

Lets talk about climate change - Because it impacts everyone and demands a response from everyone. But it’s a tricky thing to talk about and psychologists tell us that our brains have defences that stop us thinking and talking about climate change. Learn how two CCF projects are using creative ways to talk about climate in their communities – in the rural Highlands and in the heart of Scotland’s capital.  

Reaching Wider - Climate change is everyone’s business. So how can our projects engage with all sectors of society? Experienced colleagues will share their thoughts on how you can engage people in your projects from Ethnic Minority communities, the Deaf/Blind community and the Youth community.  

CCF Community shares experience

We are delighted to have a variety of third-party organisations at the Gathering to share their knowledge and experience. There's also the chance to have your say in our 'unconference' session.

Behaviour change - How can CCF projects encourage longer term low-carbon behaviour change? What works and what doesn’t? The Hutton Institute is nearing the end of a three-year research project to address this question and will share their emerging findings.  

Community Climate Manifesto - Why is there no reference to community action in the Committee on Climate Change's landmark report on how the UK can get to net zero? As a sector, we clearly need to make a stronger case for the vital role that community action can play in responding to the climate crisis. In recent months a coalition of Scottish community leaders have come together to draft a manifesto that outlines the vital role of community action and the support that is needed to unlock this potential. Find out what the manifesto says and how your group can endorse this significant initiative.  

Creative Arts and Climate - How can community groups harness the power of art, photography, dance, drama, writing, film and other creative arts to communicate and encourage change?  Creative Carbon Scotland will share ideas and examples and guide you through a process of thinking about how you could use these tools in your own context.   

Telling stories - Stories are powerful. They shape our thinking, understanding and action. Heriot Watt University have developed and researched ways of using stories to help decision makers and the general public with climate adaptation. Discover what they have learned and how you can make use of their new story-telling toolkit.  

Unconference - If you have ever wanted to discuss something that’s not on the conference programme then this is your opportunity. We’ll put you in a room with like-minded people, identify a couple of topics that people would like to explore and facilitate the session to enable rich discussion of the things that matter to you.   

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