Sharing experience is particularly important in a year that has presented major challenges to communities across Scotland with COVID-19.

We are delighted to have a variety of CCF Grant Recipients and third-party organisations sharing their knowledge and experience at the Gathering. 

Workshops will provide a variety of inspiring example of activities run during COVID-19 and give practical advice on how the growing sector can take part in a green recovery. Further sessions will provide an applied example of climate adaptation and introduce the role of storytelling with relation to climate action.

Delegates will be able to join a workshop of their choice on the day of the event.

1. Growing Back Stronger

How can community growing sector take part in a green recovery? Join Social Farms and Gardens Scotland to find out more about how to become involved.


  • Lou Evans – Scotland Development Worker, Social Farms and Gardens
  • Karen Davidson – Scotland Advisor, Social Farms and Gardens

2. Promoting Sustainable Transport 

How are community travel projects adapting to COVID-19? Join Sustrans and Keep Scotland Beautiful to hear some inspirational stories.


  • Barbara Kerr – Project Officer, Sustrans Scotland
  • Magdalena Trifonova – Climate Action Officer, Keep Scotland Beautiful

3. Community Energy

How are community energy projects adapting to COVID-19? Join Shetland Citizen’s Advice Beauru and Home Energy Scotland for some inspiration.


  • Morag Cockburn – Senior Partnerships Officer, Homer Energy Scotland
  • Isa Kristiansen-Bragg – Community Engagement Officer, Shetland Citizen’s Advice Bureau

4. Wonderful Waste

How are community waste projects adapting to the current situation? Join us for inspiration from Zero Waste Scotland and ReMode.


  • Miriam Adcock – Project Manager, Consumer Waste Prevention, Zero Waste Scotland
  • Gillian Steel – Creative Director, ReMode

5. Climate Literacy

How are climate literacy activities being delivered online? Join this session to hear from two CCF projects that have adapted these activities to an online setting.


  • Ruth McLaren – Project Co-ordinator & Carbon Literacy Trainer, Arran Eco Savvy
  • Roxana Romero – Development Officer, Leith Community Crops in Pots


6. Community-led adaptation in Scotland

Adapting to climate change is vital. Join Adaptation Scotland as they explore how one community is tackling climate change adaptation.


  • Iryna Zamuruieva – Climate Resilience Co-ordinator, Sniffer
  • Barnaby Fryer – Loch Ken Trust Officer, Loch Ken Trust

7. The role of storytelling in community climate action

How can community groups harness the power of storytelling to encourage climate action? Join Scottish Communities Climate Action Network and their Story Weaver!


  • Paul Bristow – Story Weaver, Scottish Communities Climate Action Network

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