CCF Awards

The 2019 Climate Challenge Fund Awards will recognise the achievements of volunteers.

The purpose of the Climate Hero Awards is to recognise the achievements of volunteers at Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) projects and to inspire others to take similar action to tackle climate change.

All nominees who meet our hero criteria will be sent a certificate and celebrated though our promotional activity which we hope will inspire others to take similar action.

We’d also like to invite six Climate Heroes to come to the CCF Gathering on 6 November 2019 in Edinburgh to tell their stories and inspire others.

**Nominations closed at 12 noon on Thursday 10 October**


The Climate Hero categories

Food, Energy, Travel, Waste - These heroes have supported their communities to reduce their carbon footprint in these thematic areas. 

Climate conversations - These heroes have got people in their community talking about climate change. They have helped the uninformed to understand and the disengaged to take action.

Personal change - These heroes are walking the talk and have made significant changes to reduce their own carbon footprint.

Personal development - These heroes have overcome significant challenges in their personal life to take part and have developed new confidence and skills by volunteering.

Community impact - If your hero still has a fantastic story, but doesn’t fit any of the above categories, then this is their category.



Climate Hero FAQ's

Q. Who can make a nomination?

All nominations must come from a staff member at a current or previous CCF project.

Q. Who is eligible to be nominated as a Climate Hero?

Anyone who has volunteered within the last 12 months on a CCF project. The project could be currently funded or previously funded.

All nominators must have the permission of the Climate Hero nominee to share their information and a recent photo.

Self-nominations will not be accepted.

Q. How many volunteers can I nominate?

You can nominate up to three volunteers from your project.

Q. What is the application process?

Nominations closed at 12 noon on Thursday 10 October.

Because of the way the process works, you will need to talk to your nominee and ask them to complete a short section of the application form.

We will also need a high-quality image of the volunteer, which preferably shows them in their volunteer role. Feel free to send more than one picture if you wish.

Keep Scotland Beautiful staff will review your nominations. All complete nominations who meet our criteria will be given a certificate and celebrated though our promotional activity.

Heroes will receive their certificates by Friday 15 November.

Q. Are the Climate Hero Awards competitive?

No, all complete nominations who meet our criteria will be given a certificate.

Q. What about the Climate Challenge Fund Gathering?

We are looking for up to six heroes to come to our Annual Gathering in Edinburgh on Wednesday 6th November 2019 to share their stories. This will take the form of a three to five minute conversation about what they have done, what they have enjoyed and what they have learned.

The purpose of this slot is to share learning and inspire others. We are happy to pay public transport costs (excluding flights) and accommodation costs. Our application form asks you whether your nominee would be able and willing to speak at the Gathering.

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