Workshop webinar sessions

Workshops provided opportunities to learn more about carbon emissions and how to monitor and report on them. Further learning opportunities were structured around youth engagement on climate action and networking with the CCF Community.

We were delighted to offer webinar sessions of two workshops at the CCF Gathering.

Workshop 1: The Carbon Literacy Manual (Russell Gill, Keep Scotland Beautiful)

An introduction to our fantastic new resource that is the online Carbon Literacy Guide.  The Carbon Literacy Guide is designed to inform and motivate its readers to take action to reduce carbon emissions, with a specific focus on those who are designing or running a community-led carbon reduction project. This workshop gave an overview of the structure of the guide and explained how to use it.  Attendees also had a chance to explore the ‘theory of change’ that carbon emissions reductions come from ‘doing things less or doing them differently’, which underpins that guide, through a fun and interactive game!’


Workshop 2: Climate Challenge Fund Carbon Monitoring and Reporting (Claire Gibson, Capacity Building Programme Officer, Climate Challenge Fund, Keep Scotland Beautiful with Clare Wharmby of Carbon Forecast) 

If you are a Grant Recipient that has not managed to come to one of the Data Collection for Carbon Monitoring workshops, then this webinar session is for you. This workshop guided attendees through two new CCF carbon monitoring tools, the Carbon Estimator and the Carbon Reporter. The Carbon Estimator is designed for groups who are applying to the CCF, to estimate the carbon savings their project will make. The Carbon Reporter is designed for CCF Grant Recipients to track the carbon savings their project is making. This workshop was a mini-training session on how to use these tools.


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