We are delighted to share further details of the CCF Awards winners.


There were 60 entries for the Awards, with 15 groups shortlisted. Six were crowned as being top of their categories. Find out more about what the winners below.


East Sutherland Energy Advice Service (2017/18), The Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust - self nomination.

The East Sutherland Energy Advice Service offered home energy advice to help the community to improve energy efficiency - reducing carbon emissions and helping to tackle climate change. Support was available to homeowners and those living in private or social housing.

CCF Awards Panel comment: The Awards Panel commended the holistic approach taken by this practical energy advice project to link home energy efficiency to carbon emissions and climate change.

Find out more about Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust's current CCF activities here.



Healthy Living and Sustaining East-Renfrewshire (2017/18), Woodfarm Education Centre, East Renfrewshire - Self nomination.

The Healthy Living and Sustaining East Renfrewshire project included initiatives to increase levels of sustainable travel with provision of cycle skills training, walking clubs and promotion of available public transport. The project delivered a variety of events to help the community increase understanding of climate change and move towards low carbon living.

CCF Awards Panel comment: The Awards Panel praised this project for the outstanding levels of community consultation and involvement. The Panel also commended the impressive outreach activities to facilitate and inspire a variety of sustainable travel.

Find out more about Woodfarm Education Centre's current CCF activities here.



SCOREscotland Green Futures Project, SCOREscotland, City of Edinburgh. Self nomination.

The SCOREscotland Green Futures Project helped meet demand from diverse communities in West and South West Edinburgh for activities including home food growing. The project worked to encourage locally grown food, limit food miles, reduce food waste and raise awareness of the impact our food choices have on climate change.

CCF Awards panel comment: The Awards Panel commended this project for its community-driven food growing activities. The Panel were impressed with the holistic approach taken to link food choices to carbon emissions and climate change.

Find out more about Score Scotland's current CCF activities here.



R:evolve Recycle project*, LEAP (Lightburn Elderly Association Project), South Lanarkshire - Self nomination and third party nomination by Zero Waste Scotland.

R:evolve Recycle helped tackle climate change by utilising the experience found within the older generation, bringing back a 'make-do-and-mend' culture. The project worked to make swapping, sharing and upcycling a natural part of high streets in South Lanarkshire through initiatives such as swap shop boutiques, repair and upcycling workshops and an education programme for young people.

CCF Awards Panel comment: The Awards Panel praised this project for its effective range of activities to tackle carbon emissions caused by clothing and textile waste. The Panel were also impressed by the way the project seamlessly linked clothing choices to carbon emissions and climate change.

*The CCF grant of £143,416 in 2017/18 included maximum funding of £41,075 from the European Regional Development Fund.

Find out more about LEAP's current CCF activities here.



Embedding North Glasgow's Green Legacy, Ng Homes, Glasgow City - Self nomination

Embedding North Glasgow's Green Legacy helped local people to save energy, reduce levels of fuel poverty and reduce, reuse and recycle more. In addition to establishing a Young Green Champions Group, the project formed partnerships with a variety of youth groups, schools and nurseries, working with them to develop creative ways to look at the issues of climate change

CCF Awards Panel comment: The Awards Panel were impressed by the combination of ways this project worked with and involved young people, giving them a forum to learn more about climate change and to develop creative ways to help tackle it.

Find out more about current CCF activities run by Ng Homes here.



Greener Kirkcaldy, Fife - Self nomination

Greener Kirkcaldy have run nine CCF projects to help their community reduce local carbon emissions in the areas of energy, food, waste and transport. In addition to raising awareness of climate change, the projects have helped the community to improve carbon literacy and build skills, experience and confidence. Through their CCF work, Greener Kirkcaldy have developed their capacity to take action on climate change as an organisation, in the local community and Fife-wide.

CCF Awards Panel comment: The Awards Panel were delighted with the impact that Greener Kirkcaldy has made to reduce local carbon emissions in the last decade, through a variety of community-led and delivered CCF projects. The Panel also highlighted the success of initiatives to build capacity to tackle climate change at an organisational, community and regional level.

Find out more about Greener Kirkcaldy's current CCF project, Zero Waste Kirkcaldy here.

We were delighted to receive 60 entries for the CCF Awards and you can see all the entrants here.

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