Ideas Bank

The Ideas Bank enables previously ineligible organisations to share their expertise and support to grassroots communities to apply to the Climate Challenge Fund.


About the Ideas Bank

The innovative Ideas Bank was originally introduced in 2013. It helped to extend the reach and increase the impact of the Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) by sharing the expertise of organisations previously not eligible to apply for CCF funding with community-led organisations. 

Eligible CCF project templates were submitted by 'Proposing Organisations', including local authorities and national charities. Community-led organisations used these templates to prepare an application to the CCF in partnership with the Proposing Organisation and paid them to provide specified support and resources.


The Ideas Bank is open

We invite Proposing Organisations to again submit templates of eligible projects which community-led organisations can use to prepare an application to the CCF in partnership with the Proposing Organisation.


How to submit a template to the CCF Ideas Bank

We invite Proposing Organisations to submit an Ideas Bank template which should include an outlines of their project idea, how it meets CCF criteria, the support and resources they can offer and their previous experience of working with community-led organisations. We will assess the submitted template for compliance with CCF criteria before inclusion in the Ideas Bank.

In general, Proposing Organisations should be not-for-profit bodies. The below is a list of eligible organisations:

  • NGO
  • national or local charity
  • local authority
  • community based organisation
  • umbrella organisation
  • federation of organisations

To submit an idea please download and complete the Ideas Bank Template Form and Guidance Notes.


How to apply for CCF funding using a template from the CCF Ideas Bank

You can see Ideas Bank proposals listed below.

The assumption will be that a community-led organisation will apply to the CCF in partnership with the Proposing Organisation.  The community group will be able to pay the Proposing Organisation to provide the identified support and resources within a maximum proportion of the overall project budget.

The unique element of the Ideas Bank applications is that a Partnership Agreement between the community group and the Proposing Organisation and must be agreed and submitted with their CCF application form.  This is a vital element of the application and will evidence the relationship between the organisations involved and the sharing of project implementation


Ideas Bank case study

Western Isles Council submitted a project template for a community growing project to the Ideas Bank. Horshader Community Development partnered with Western Isles Council to submit an application for CCF funding using their Ideas Bank template. The CCF application for Horshader Community Growing Project was awarded funding in 2014 and helped to reduce local carbon emissions and meet both community and local authority objectives.


Ideas Bank Proposals


Tighean Innse Gall Ideas Bank Proposal - Based on their LED Communities Climate Challenge Fund Project, Tighean Innse Gall can provide support to create LED energy communities, which are whole geographical areas that agree to join together to support an energy efficient community.  As a minimum energy efficiency measure, LED lighting is fitted throughout their homes.  Free LED lights for households act as a ‘hook’ for trained energy advisors to visit as many homes in a community as possible, thereby creating a base of hundreds of households joining the LED energy community. This way the projects ensure a minimum reduction of carbon emissions, in lieu of more significant savings which come out of our follow up in-depth advice visits.  This would be facilitated by partnering with community groups, who are central to the development of the project, as they help with local knowledge and help raise the funds required to pay for the free LED lights.



Community Energy Scotland Ideas Bank Proposal - Community Energy Scotland can provide support to island and remote community-led organisations to run projects to reduce transport related carbon emissions, including promoting active travel, electric vehicles and strengthening local public transport.


Food and Food Waste

Whitmuir Community Farm Ideas Bank Proposal - Based on their successful Climate Challenge Fund 2000mProject, Whitmuir Community Farm can provide support for you to take a community based whole food system approach to reducing carbon emissions, including food growing, food waste and composting. 

Hubbub Foundation UK Ideas Bank Proposal - Community Fridges are sites of food education and sharing. They help communities to share good food that would otherwise go to waste. Donations can come from individuals and retailers. Alongside supporting the community in establishing, running and securing the legacy of the Community Fridge, Hubbub can provide materials and expertise in running community food waste events such as community meals or cooking workshops, complete with fun, informative, family friendly resources. 

Belville Community Garden Trust Ideas Bank Proposal - Belville Community Garden have been running a Climate Challenge Fund project on hydroponically grown food over the past two years. Their Ideas Bank proposal can provide support the setup of hydroponic farming.

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