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Here you will find answers to your questions on Climate Challenge Fund Development Grants.

1. Who can apply for the Development Grants?

Community-led organisations not currently in receipt of CCF funding that meet the CCF criteria are eligible to apply for a Development Grant. Those that received a Development Grant in 2017/18 are not eligible to apply for one in this funding round.

2. How many Development Grants can one community-led organisation apply for?

Community-led organisations can receive only one Development Grant in 2018/19, but may re-apply if their first application is unsuccessful.

3. How long will the Development Grants be available?

Development Grants will be available to apply for from June 2018 to August 2018, with monthly application deadlines.

4. Does the Development Grant application need to be focused on the Climate Challenge Fund and if so what are the criteria?

Development Grants are available to help community-led organisations to scope out a potential climate action project with the aim of subsequently completing a CCF Grant application or an application to another funder.

If you wish to scope out a potential CCF application you will find it useful to refer to the current CCF project criteria.

5. Are there any activities that a Development Grant may not be used for?

Yes, activities ineligible for funding through a Development grant include, but are not limited to:

  • Activities that aren’t contributing towards the development of community-led climate action project.
  • Purchase of equipment (computers, cameras etc.)
  • Infrastructure improvements (putting in bike racks, setting up a raised bed, etc.)

6. Is there a deadline to spend and claim back Development Grants?

All Development Grants must be spent and your project completed by 31 March 2019. 

You must submit a signed and completed Claim Form for your project, along with all supporting evidence of expenditure by the 31 March 2019 in order to claim back your grant. More information about this will be in your Offer Letter and Welcome Pack.

Your Welcome Pack will also contain the information we would like you to submit to us at the end of the funding period.

7. Why are applicants encouraged to use Shifting Normal methodology in their Development Grant application?

The Shifting Normal guide can help your community to design and deliver a successful project to tackle climate change by taking account of what influences people to change their behaviour. It also provides practical advice to help you to plan, undertake and review your activities. If applicable you should state in the appropriate section of your Development Grant application how you plan to use the framework.

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