What can the CCF Fund?

Find out more about costs and items that are eligible for funding through the Climate Challenge Fund.

The Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) can support projects that aim to reduce local carbon emissions. There are a number of costs and items that that may be eligible for funding to support CCF projects to achieve their outcomes.  You can view a summary of eligible and ineligible items below.

We also have further information covering items and activities that are eligible for CCF funding organised for each specific theme of project; community-owned buildings, energy efficiency, food, transport and waste.


Eligible for CCF funding

Staff costs

Capital costs

Office costs

Volunteer expenses

Display equipment - we encourage the use of sustainable options

Event costs (e.g. catering) - we encourage the use of locally sourced and seasonal food


Ineligible for CCF funding

 Community-led organisations outside Scotland



 Contingency costs

 Research studies

 Core organisational costs

 Building design costs

 Energy generating equipment – heating systems, renewable energy technology which would result in Grid displacement. We recommend that you contact the Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) which provides free impartial advice to communities, rural businesses and land managers, including support to access grant and loan funding, so that they can benefit from local renewable energy generation. For further information call 0808 808 2288 or visit www.localenergyscotland.org

 Fundraising activities for your organisation or others

 Loans, interest payments, bank or credit card charges

 Political or religious activities

 Projects or activities that the state has a legal obligation to provide

 Alcohol or tobacco

 Livestock and associated costs (e.g. food)

 Donations to other organisations

 Items or activities which benefit an individual, rather than the community as a whole

 VAT that you can recover from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) -  you may find this link helpful

 Claims for high-emission related transport costs when lower emission alternatives were available. Note: where there are difficulties with making use of low carbon transport, you should discuss this with your CCF Development Officer before making alternative arrangements

 Expenditure which has not been detailed in your application or previously approved by your Development Officer

 Expenditure incurred or activities that take place before the date of signing the offer of award

 Expenditure that will occur after the completion date of your project

Projects based purely on pre-existing activities (applicants should expand their activities to form part of a larger project that meets CCF project criteria)

Individual items or activities e.g. insulation (these must be included as part of a larger project that meets CCF project criteria)

Flights (We are aware that there will be circumstances where it is unavoidable for groups to travel by means other than by plane. In these instances you must discuss this with your Development Officer before booking any tickets, etc. and the implications in terms of CO2e emissions must be detailed in your project monitoring reports)



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