Shifting Normal

Shifting Normal can help your community to design and deliver a successful project to tackle climate change by taking account of what influences people to change their behaviour.

The following resources have been provided by the Scottish Government to help you understand and use Shifting Normal

The Summary Guide gives an overview of Shifting Normal

The Full Guide goes into more detail and the theoretical background. 

The Workshop Plan gives an outline of how to run two workshops that aim to help you structure investigation into changes you want to see, and then to design project activities. 

Shifting Normal uses the Four Questions: Four Zones framework to guide you through a consideration of the full range of factors that can influence people's decisions to adopt a low carbon behaviour (or not) and provokes discussion around what you can do to remove barriers and strengthen incentives.     

In addition to the above guides we have produced a short video guide to help you to see how Shifting Normal can be used to help you develop or review and refine a CCF project.


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