CCF Grants

Find out more about the criteria that CCF projects has to meet to be eligible for funding in 2018-20. The CCF is currently closed to applications.

The maximum amount of CCF grant that an organisation could receive during either 2018-19 or 2019-20 was £150,000.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon visited the 1,000th recipient of the CCF as she announced the latest projects awarded grants totalling £15.3 million on 16 March. That means total funding since its launch in 2008 has now reached £101 million, with 1,097 grants across Scotland.



The CCF is currently closed.


Climate Challenge Fund project criteria

All Climate Challenge Fund projects had to meet four criteria to be considered eligible for funding in 2018-20:

1. Community 

Community must be at the heart of decision making process of the project and projects must be designed and delivered by communities themselves.

2. Carbon Reduction

The funded activity should lead to measurable carbon reductions, improve carbon literacy and help communities move to low carbon living.

3. Sustainable Legacy 

The project should deliver a low carbon legacy, with outcomes (activities and/or behaviours) that continue after the project is completed.

4. Improved climate literacy

Projects should seek to deliver increased understanding of climate change in their communities.

You can find further information on items and activities that the CCF can fund through the sections below.


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