Scotland’s Bag Charge

The Single Use Carrier Bag Charge has been with us in Scotland since October 2014 and is having a significant impact on reducing the number of single use bags taken by customers at the till.  Fewer bags is great news for the environment.  Since the bag charge came into force, the Scottish Government has reported an 80% reduction in bag use - the equivalent of  at least 650 million being handed out.  This represents a saving of 4,000 tonnes of plastic with a net carbon reduction of 2,500 tonnes a year.

We’ve engaged with a number of retailers, large and small, to turn the proceeds of the Scottish bag charge into opportunities to support communities across Scotland become cleaner, greener and more sustainable.


We can help you to make your single use carrier bag charge work for Scotland's environment.  You can donate the proceeds from your customers’ 5p to help us keep Scotland beautiful, while delivering ‘bags of opportunities’ to local communities.


If you’re interested in donating the proceeds of your customers’ single use carrier bag charge and working in partnership with us please email us at donate@keepscotlandbeautiful.org


What is the Bag Charge?
The Scottish Government introduced a 5p charge for all single use carrier bags in 2014
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Information for Retailers
The bag charge also applies to online retailers
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Information for Shoppers
The bag charge means that you will be charged 5p for every new single use carrier bag
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Bags of Opportunity
Making your bag charge proceeds work for Scotland's environment

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