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Get awarded

Applications are open from January to March.

Scotland has beautiful beaches which are loved by local communities, visitors and the wildlife that call them home.  It has been more than 30 years since we began awarding Scottish beaches, and we are proud that some of the very best have flown our flag. The number of beaches who received awards in 2023 was 52.

Application to the award is open to local authorities, as well as community groups or other agencies. Applying for, and obtaining, a Scotland's Beach Awards bring with it a wealth of benefits and provides a national guideline for good environmental standard.

  • Scotland's Beach Awards are an independent accreditation which show the public that the beach and its environs are managed excellently.
  • The awards recognise and celebrate the efforts of local authorities, agencies and communities striving to offer an excellent beach experience to locals and visitors.
  • Tangible economic benefits can also come from being awarded, including elevating the profile of your beach, encouraging a boost to tourism and the opening up local revenue opportunities.

The award recognises excellence across three areas of criteria, including Access, Facilities & Safety, Local Environmental Quality, and Communities & Heritage.

Scotland's Beach Award is presented annually, typically in late May, to coincide with summer holidays of schools in Scotland. 


Applications are now closed for 2024. For more information on applying for Scotland's Beach Awards please email 

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