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Community and Heritage

Community and Heritage

Beaches are great places for communities to come together and work hard to benefit the whole area. Scotland's Beach Award encourages beach managers to work with local communities to create safe and inviting places to visit. Encouraging visitors to engage with local cultural, industrial and natural heritage can bring positive change to communities and the environment.

To meet the requirements of the Scotland's Beach Awards, all beaches need to meet the following:

Major criteria

  • The Beach Operator should encourage community engagement. This may include supporting:
    • Beach cleans and Clean Up Scotland activities.
    • Marine Conservation Society: Beachwatch / Great British Beach Clean activities.
    • The presence of user groups such as sailing clubs, canoe clubs, wildlife groups etc.
    • It’s Your Neighbourhood / Beautiful Scotland groups.


  • Local schools using the beach.


  • Any other relevant activities.


  • Links to community events and activities.

Minor criteria

  • Educational materials.
    • Formal education for schools, etc. (physical/online)
    • Or public education (physical leaflets, online materials, self-lead trails, etc.)
    Best Practice


  • The Beach Operator should encourage engagement with local heritage sites by having:
    • Interpretation panels highlighting local heritage sites (panels should be clean, secure and up to date).
    • Marked trails guiding visitors around heritage sites nearby.
    • Links with local heritage sites out with the immediate beach site (e.g. signposting to local museums, points of interest, etc.)
    • Demonstratable links with local historical societies.

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