Local Authorities

Local Authorities understand better than anyone the challenges posed by roadside litter and the importance of prevention.

We can work with councils to help them develop and deliver bespoke campaign interventions that include awareness-raising, infrastructure, litter management and monitoring.

If you are interested in working with us,  contact the Campaign Officer heather.mclaughlin@keepscotlandbeautiful.org. 

Spread the word

Click on the characters below to download campaign communications resources to get you started with raising awareness and running the campaign on your channels:

Campaign Materials

If you're interested in creating a targeted campaign presence on the ground, you can do this using our campaign materials, below. Scroll through to see what works for you. All artwork for these is free to download below.

To find out more about deploying the campaign in your area please get in touch with the Campaign Officer heather.mclaughlin@keepscotlandbeautiful.org 

Vinyl bin stickers

We know that increasing bin visibility increases bin use.

Use this campaign-branded bin sticker to encourage those giving their litter a lift, to put it in the bin when they find one.

Download artwork:

We'd look braw - 400x600 main bin sticker

Bin full? Take it home - A5 bin sticker

Correx signs

Printable in A1, A2 or A3, these can be attached to poles or fences in e.g. car parks in order to bring campaign messaging direclty to road users. 

Be sure to print vertically to correx ribbing to avoid bending and add eye-lets to ensure longevity. These signs will be weatherproof and last at least a year.

We'd encourage you to reuse and recycle these signs as much as possible.

Download artwork:

Fizz - Give your litter a lift.pdf

50 tonnes.pdf

£80 fine.pdf


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