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What can I do about roadside litter?

Spread the word

In order to change behaviours, we need to build a critical mass of voices saying that dropping litter from vehicles is not ok.

Use our posters, videos, social media cards and other materials to raise awareness and spread the word both online and in your community.

You can view, share, download and order campaign materials on our resource page.

Help us spread the word: Give your litter a lift, take it home!


Organise a Clean Up

Roadside litter is difficult, dangerous and costly to clean up. No one should have to do it.

Roadside litter should be reported to the proper authorities (see below), however, you can help by doing a litter pick at safely accessible spots like car parks, pedestrian walkways or laybys through our Clean Up Scotland campaign. Just make sure it's safe!

Report roadside litter

Are you aware of a roadside litter hot spot in your area?

You can report litter to your local authority (generally the roads or waste department) if it's an A or B road or the contracted Road Operator if it's a motorway or special road (i.e. part of the trunk road network).

These teams do their best to keep our roads litter free, against the constant tide of litter dropped from vehicles on a daily basis. You can help them by pointing out hot spots and they will clear them as soon as they can reach them.

You can find out more about the trunk road network, including contact details, through Transport Scotland.

Work with us!

We work with a wide range of partners across local authorities, businesses and other stakeholders from the waste, transport, tourism and food and drink sectors. Everyone has a part to play.

If you’d like to address roadside litter in your area, through your operations or by engaging your staff or customer, please get in touch.

We have opportunities and materials tailored specifically for Local Authorities. Find out more about how local authorities can take action.



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