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Roadside litter puts an unnecessary strain on the authorities tasked with cleaning it up. It is costly and dangerous as well as detrimental to local environmental quality, tourism and the economy.

This campaign aims to stem roadside litter at its source through awareness raising and behaviour change interventions, as well as improving the way that roadside litter is managed at all levels.

Through pilot work with Angus and South Ayrshire Councils and input from our multistakeholder Roadside Litter Campaign Group, we have developed a campaign pack that local authorities can use to deploy the campaign in their area.

The success of this campaign -a cultural shift in how people in Scotland perceive litter and littering behaviour- hinges on building momentum by engaging a critical mass of people across the country with the campaign and its message.

Join our efforts and help us make this a success. Lets send the message to all road users: Give your litter a lift, take it home.

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Who is responsible for roadside litter?

Under Section 89 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 Local Authorities, in collaboration with their regional road operating company, are responsible for keeping all roads, except motorways and special roads, litter free.

However, each piece of litter on our roadsides, in our parks and on our streets, was discarded by a thoughtless individual.

Those who clean litter up, the local authorities staff, the road operators and the volunteers are not to blame.

Littering is illegal.  We need individuals to do the right thing; to use a bin or to take their litter home.

Overview: what does a local campaign look like?

There are a number of ways that local authorities can take part in the campaign, depending on your capacities and needs.


Install campaign materials to spread the campaign message in your area and help build campaign presence across the country.

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All artwork is free for download and self-production and we can also provide a limited amount of materials to each delivery partner free of charge. Members of our Local Environmental Quality Network are entitled to up to £1,000 worth of our standard designs. Design amendments, including logo additions are also available at a nominal cost.

Browse them below and download a materials brochure and order form here.

Communications & Engagement

In addition to displaying campaign materials we recommend a campaign roll-out including a launch event, media release, radio ads and ongoing communications plan in order to maximize impact and reach.

See the engagement pack below and get in touch to discuss  a joint campaign roll-out.


Monitoring is vital to this campaign and roadside litter authorities are uniquely placed to help us collect data whether as part of normal cleansing operations or above and beyond.

Measures may include number or weight of bags or LEAMS litter counts at select sites. Feasibility as well as consistency will be taken into account when determining a monitoring schedule.

Ideally, we ask all campaign partners to contribute some data. Please get in touch to discuss options.

Behaviour change interventions

The ultimate aim of this campaign and, indeed, much of  our work, is behaviour change. We are using our experience and expertise to develop new solutions and interventions on an ongoing basis.

In this case, we may seek to intervene at a 'source' or 'sink' site of roadside litter, or along the route between them. Interventions can relate to awareness-raising with different messaging and placement strategies, infrastructure changes to e.g. litter-collection facilities or other solutions like e.g. car litter bags ('take-it-home' facilities).

Testing the effectiveness of interventions is crucial so these trials will also involve more sustained monitoring schedules, with a period of baseline measurement prior to the interventions being installed, followed by a further period of measurement afterwards, in order to establish trends and identify changes.

All results will contribute to ongoing innovative research and development.

If you are interested in being part of this work, please get in touch.

Getting started

Here are some questions that might help you get started with the campaign:

  • Are you aware of any particular issues with roadside litter in your area, or any particular sites that could benefit from the campaign?


  • Where can campaign messaging be accommodated? Consider laybys, car parks, bus stops, service and shopping centres along the roadside where you could install bin stickers, lamp-post wraps, signs, posters or any other campaign collateral,


  • Who else in the council should be involved? Do you have contact with waste management, cleansing, roads, landscapes and communications colleagues?

Campaign materials

We have created a suite of physical materials that can be installed at roadside locations under the council’s control:

  • Roadside bin stickers

Improving the visibility of bins has been shown to reduce littering behaviour in past work carried out by Keep Scotland Beautiful (#NeatStreets, Wrigley carrot & stick project).

We have designed vinyl stickers for standard 240L wheelie bins (400 x 600 mm) that will work on most standard bins. If you require a different size,  this can be arranged.

Download the design below or order using our order form.

Order using our order form.

400 x 600 mm - Download design for production. You will be able to add your logo.

Or order standard design using our order form.

  • Layby signs

 These signs were designed for laybys where bins had been removed, to instruct road users to take their litter home. 

It is essential that messaging is suitable and well-targeted for the context within which it is deployed. If you are interested in signs with different messaging then please get in touch.

Alternatively, you can download existing designs below or order signs using our order form.

Large (1050 x 750 mm) must be fitted in an A-frame and secured with 2 sandbags, in compliance with road safety standards.

Download design

Large (1050 x 750 mm) must be fitted in an A-frame and secured with 2 sandbags, in compliance with road safety standards.

Download design

Small (A3)

Can be fitted onto existing (or new) signposts for A3 sign specifications, in compliance with road safety regulations.

Download design

  • Posters

Download the designs for print or to incorporate into e.g. bus time table designs. The design files are editable allowing for logo placement if required.

Download the design below or order using our order form.

A1 poster in place at the Glencoe Visitor Centre.

Download artwork

Poster artwork can also be used to incorporate into e.g. bus time tables. Ideally, they can be put up as A1 bus shelter posters.

  • Lamp post wraps

Increase campaign presence and messaging in key roadside locations. Ideal for car parks or anywhere else where there are posts that they can be attached to.

Download the designs below or order using our order form.

Download this design (A1).
Production specs for each lamp-post wrap: 2 x 4 mm correx panels with eyelets; use zip-ties to fasten.

Download this design (A1).
Production specs for each lamp-post wrap: 2 x 4 mm correx panels with eyelets; use zip-ties to fasten.

  • Table toppers

Table toppers can be put out on public facing tables to provide further information about the campaign. They were designed for use in roadside restaurants.

Download the design below or order using our order form.

Three-sided table topper for counter and table tops

A4 trifold - Download artwork

  • Photoboards

Suitable for public-facing indoor spaces. Lightweight, measuring 160 x 160 m they are also flat-packable for easy storage.

In action at a McDonald's restaurant along the A90
Closeup of the design; 1500 x 1600 mm, lightweight and flat-packable.
  • Fleet stickers and decals

These A4 stickers can be used on fleet vehicles to show support and raise awareness of the campaign amongst road users.

We are also developing larger, more bespoke vehicle decals. If you are interested in this, please get in touch.

Download the design below or order using our order form.

  • Wido mascot

Wido costume can be borrowed for special events like photocalls, attitudinal surveying and other public engagements.

  • Things to give out

When engaging with the public, we have created a number of materials that can be given out for them to show support for the campaign, such as window stickers, air fresheners, litter bags and pocket ashtrays that they can use in their car and when on the road.

These are available at a nominal fee in packs of 50. Please get in touch to find out more and order.

Car litter bags

A useful reminder to people to give their litter a lift.


Communications & engagement

Use the council website, social media and local press to announce the campaign and engage locals with the issue.

Communications plan

Web banners

Campaign media

View and share to spread the message: