Give your
litter a lift
Take it home

50 tonnes of litter is abandoned on Scotland's roadsides each month.


Scotland is a beautiful country. Our roads are how we travel and explore it. They are part of the landscape and part of our places too.

Yet so many of them are blighted by a jumble of cans, bottles, cups, crisp packets, and food wrappers, tubs and boxes, flung from the windows of passing vehicles.

Litter ruins the view for locals and visitors alike. It is harmful to wildlife and environmental quality. And it’s difficult, dangerous and expensive to clean up.

Cleaning up is not the answer. This is about prevention.

The solution is simple: Give your litter a lift, take it home!

Give your litter a lift:

Take action now
82.8%of motorways and A roads recorded a presence of litter
91%of people living in Scotland agree that roadside litter creates a negative impression of our country
54%of litter on our roads comes from people eating and drinking on the go


What we've done

Our Give Your Litter a Lift campaign ran from 2016-2019 and encouraged all road users in Scotland to respect our shared environment and do one simple thing to keep litter off our roads. 

Raising Awareness

Through a schedule of publicity, communications and campaign activity across the country, we raised awareness of the scale and impact of roadside litter and spreading the message to Give your litter a lift, take it home.

Testing innovative interventions

We worked with partners to develop and test targeted messaging and infrastructure interventions and change people's attitudes and behaviours around roadside litter and littering from vehicles.


We worked with the three main Road Operating Companies in Scotland (TranServ, AMEY and BEAR) to gain insights and build a better understanding around the origins, scale and impact of roadside litter in Scotland.

Work with us

Do you have a stake in reducing the amount of litter on Scotland's roadsides?

In order to maximise the campaign's scope and reach, we work with a wide range of partners, including key agencies, road operators, local authorities and stakeholders from the waste, transport, tourism and food&drink sectors. Whether it's reaching wider and/or specific target audiences, developing innovative behaviour change solutions or gathering data and evidence, this campaign would not be possible without their input and support. 

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