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Pop-up Pocket Garden

Pop-up Pocket Garden

Pop-up Pocket Garden is a great project for children and young people aged 3 - 18 years to design and grow a small garden at home.

Pop-up Pocket Garden was originally created as a lockdown project, but you can design and grow a Pop-up Pocket Garden at any time.

Your challenge is to design a mini-garden that incorporates the 2023 themes of Celebration, One Planet Picnic and Wildlife Gardening. You should try to reuse as many materials as possible and use sustainable gardening methods. See the Pop-up Garden Guide for more details.

Design, build and grow a pocket garden at home.  Use a small space outdoors in your garden or indoors on a windowsill.  Your Pop-up Pocket Garden can provide a focus for learning and fun that fits your own situation.

A Pop-up garden is a short-term project, that you can complete in less than 12 weeks.  Afterwards, you can rehome the plants in pots or in a garden, or make it a garden to keep growing through the summer.

You can record the process of growing and building your garden and share images of your gardening journey with us by tagging @KSBScotland on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with #PocketGarden and #PopupGarden.

A kitchen garden made using old kitchen items!
There's a tiny door in this garden. Who is it for?

There are some great resources online to help you.

View our Garden for Life resources page for 9 downloadable 'How to...' guides for gardening and helpful links.

There are some great tips on Gardening with children from the BBC.

Here's Anthony from Butterfly Conservation with his tip for a good plant choice.

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