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It’s Your Neighbourhood, unlike its sister initiative Beautiful Scotland, is a non-competitive initiative with more of an emphasis on community participation.

However, certificates are awarded to every group, with five levels of achievement, to encourage and reward progression.

The certificates are as follows:

Level Description Points
1 Establishing 0-35
2 Improving 36-52
3 Advancing 53-68
4 Thriving 69-85
5 Outstanding 80-100

In addition, for groups which have consistently grown and improved over the years of taking part, a Certificate of Distinction is available. To be eligible for this, a group must:

  • Have participated in It's Your Neighbourhood for at least four years.
  • Achieved the ‘Outstanding’ level in the current year or moved up at least two levels since first entering.

Recently we have also introduced a Certificate of Recognition for any group wishing to be part of the It's Your Neighbourhood family, gain access to support, resources and recognition but, for whatever reason, is unable to be visited by one our volunteer assessors.

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