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There are four categories of medal certificate available to all entrants who meet the required criteria: Gold, Silver Gilt, Silver and Bronze. In addition to this, there is a Certificate of Recognition for all entrants in the non-judged category (introduced in 2021).

Gold (Outstanding; 85%+)

  • Exceptionally high standard throughout
  • Consistent approach demonstrating best practice and sustainable effort
  • Meets all of the criteria and scores very highly in every section

Silver Gilt (Very Good; 68-84%)

  • High standard throughout
  • Some evidence of exceptionally high standards
  • Generally meets sustainable and quality thresholds, but perhaps not consistently
  • Potential for future Gold medal

Silver (Good; 50-67%)

  • Above-average entry meeting most criteria
  • More than one section that demonstrates exceptionally high standards
  • Good sustainable standards
  • Potential for future Silver Gilt medal

Bronze (Average; 37-49%)

  • Average entry meeting most criteria
  • At least one section that demonstrates an exceptional standard
  • Acceptable sustainable standards
  • Potential for future Silver medal

Certificate of Recognition

  • For any entrant in the non-judged category

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