One Planet Picnic

A One Planet Picnic is a picnic that is good for you and good for the planet

It is a fun way to get to know great foods, places and people local to you and put sustainable food on your menu.  You can celebrate local harvests, reduce food waste, and taste and share some fabulous food.  Open to individuals, families and groups, you can have sustainable food at work, on holiday, at school, and at home. 

Register your One Planet Picnic to receive a support pack, and look at the Step by Step guide for inspiration and ideas.

Register your One Planet Picnic


Who can hold a One Planet Picnic?
Anyone can hold one if they want to.  Have a look at the One Planet Picnic Guide for advice.

When can I hold or have a One Planet Picnic in 2020?
You can host one or have your own at any time of year. 

Where can I have a One Planet Picnic?
Indoors or outside, wherever you have permission e.g. indoors on winter visit to a museum or, on a countryside walk in spring, or a park or school grounds in summer, or a community hall in  autumn. 

How can I have a One Planet Picnic?
Have a picnic where you:

  • Include healthy, sustainable ingredients e.g. seasonal, local, organic, or ethical produce
  • Reduce packaging and food waste



Schools from any sector can  take part in One Planet Picnic.  Many schools have food growing in the grounds or nearby links to community growing groups.  The One Planet Picnic is a great way to use and celebrate your harvests.

If you are an Eco-School looking for groups in your community to support your work, there are initiatives at Keep Scotland Beautiful you can ask that can help with this, such as It's Your Neighbourhood and Beautiful Scotland.  Look out for Award Beaches and Green Flag Award Parks as well, or maybe groups that are part of the Keep Scotland Beautiful 'Clean Up Scotland' campaign.  Do a clean up together and reward yourselves with a litterless One Planet Picnic. 

Youth groups

Youth groups and uniformed youth groups such as scouts and brownies can hold a One Planet Picnic. 

You can build on your One Planet Picnic experience through initiatives we run, such as Young Reporters Scotland to develop your media, reporting and advocacy skills.

Public organisations and businesses

You can use the One Planet Picnic to enhance your processes of greening your organisation, perhaps to inspire a review of your food procurement policy or to contribute to your sustainability duties.  Tie your One Planet Picnic into your CSR by taking the lead on a One Planet Picnic for the community, or staff development day. Ask us about packages of support we can offer to support your CSR ambitions. 

Community groups

Lots of community groups plan special events.  You can theme one to be a One Planet Picnic and get people thinking about sustainable food choices.  It's a great way to discover fresh, whole and healthy foods that are grown or made locally to you.  

People can get really inspired so you might want to share some recipes afterwards.  

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