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Young Reporters international meeting

We recently attended the Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) National Operators Meeting, hosted by the Foundation for Environmental Education to discuss the programme and learn from other countries.

Hosted by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) in Portugal on 15 – 18 February the meeting was held in Guimarães, a city located in the north of Portugal, with the support of Guimarães municipality. Delegates from over 30 countries came together to celebrate success, strengthen partnerships between Young Reporters for the Environment countries and discuss how the programme fits into different educational systems.

250,000 Young Reporters, aged between 11 and 21, from 34 countries investigate environmental issues and problems and propose solutions through investigative reporting, photographic or video journalism all around the world.

Jacalyn Laird, Community Projects Officer at Keep Scotland Beautiful said: “Young Reporters Scotland is an amazing programme which allows young people to make their voices heard about environmental issues that concern them, whilst helping them develop investigative and journalistic skills. The National Operators Meeting is a great way for those running the programmes all over the world to grow their expertise on what motivates young people, and Keep Scotland Beautiful is eager to enable young people to engage in their local environment.”

There is still time to enter the Scottish competition, but the deadline for entries of photos, film or written pieces, is the 28 February.

23 February 2017

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