Young Food Entrepreneurs

Over the past seven weeks, second year students at Alloa Academy have been working within Keep Scotland Beautiful’s Young Food Entrepreneurs project to develop their understanding of sustainable food production.

Young Food Entrepreneurs is funded by the Scottish Government and supports the development of Scotland as a Good Food Nation. The 14 students investigated their own local food networks and reflected on the sustainability of their own food choices through different activities. Students discussed the choices made by farmers regarding how they grow food and different models of food production and processing.

Alloa Academy’s students were linked with Theo Laffargue from Riverside Bakery Community Interest Company in Stirling who gave them an insight into bread production. Theo also demonstrated how local food growing can support resilience in the local economy and the principles behind the Community Interest Company model of business.

Within the project students demonstrated their enterprise skills through planning and hosting a One Planet Picnic for 20 of their teachers which focussed on using sustainable ingredients e.g. seasonal, local, organic, or ethical produce and reducing packaging and food waste. The students undertook different tasks in preparation and served a menu including;

  • lentil soup made with donated lentils which would otherwise have been wasted
  • rolls made with sausages and burgers donated by Fallen Inch Farm or scrambled eggs for vegetarians donated by Old Leckie Farm,
  • dessert consisted of fairy cakes, chocolate donated by IQ Superfood Chocolate and tea and coffee.

Students embraced challenges on the day such as ensuring their guests were served the correct food and were satisfied with their meal as well as working as a team to serve food and tidy up.  They planned in that there would be enough food for the 20 teachers as well as the 14 students to have lunch which minimised food waste. On reflection all of the students said they would enjoy hosting another One Planet Picnic in the future.

The students have been a credit to the school demonstrating interest and engagement in the project throughout. Alloa Academy’s Home Economics department prioritise Learning for Sustainability and participated eagerly with Keep Scotland Beautiful’s Young Food Entrepreneurs project. They have also supported their students in this project through the strong foundations they have laid in their curriculum with work focussing on Scottish food, food miles and food and drink careers.

To incorporate their learning into a real life scenario Alloa Academy’s students undertook a decision making exercise looking at the choices a school canteen can make to develop sustainability into their purchasing practices. Students felt important factors for a canteen to consider when purchasing food were:

“…it being grown locally is really important because less greenhouse gasses will be released if it isn’t far away…”

“treating people fairly is important”

“…even if food looks good it might not taste good…”

“...it may be better to pay a bit more for food so people are treated fairly and there is less environmental damage…”

For more information on Young Food Entrepreneurs please visit our websiteTo express an interest in future offerings of this project for your school or local authority, send an email stating Young Food Entrepreneurs in the subject line confirming your contact details to food@keepscotlandbeautiful.org.


03 March 2017

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