Annual National Eco-School Meeting

In November, we were extremely pleased to attend the Eco-Schools National Operators Meeting in Paris – an annual event which saw over 60 Eco-Schools countries get together to discuss, exchange experiences, participate in professional development sessions and make their contributions to the development of the Eco-Schools programme.

This year's meeting was extremely enjoyble and interesting, focussing on the themes of health and wellbeing and marine and coast, plus the Sustainable Development Goals and their connection to the Eco-Schools programme. We took part in professional development sessions on transformative education, project-based learning and fundraising and learnt more about Green Flag benchmarking, Eco-Schools Twinning, planning for the Eco-Schools 25th anniversary in 2019 and FEE EcoCampus.

We also heard about programme developments from Thierry Lerévérend, CEO of NOM 2017, host organisation Teragir, Laura Hickey of the National Wildlife Federation and FEE Board of Directors, Daniel Schaffer, FEE CEO, Bríd Conneely, International Eco-Schools Director, and many of the National Operators from across the globe.

It was a great and very informative weekend, and we look forward to continuing our work as part of the global Eco-Schools programme over the next year.

24 November 2017

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