Scottish Transport Statistics published

National Statistics were released by Transport Scotland on the 22nd February. The topics covered by the publication include road transport and the road network, bus, rail, air, finance, international comparisons and environment and emissions.

The report highlights that there were a total of 537 million public transport journeys made by bus, rail, air and ferry in 2015-16. Two thirds of commuters reported travelling to work by car or van in 2015, 14% walked, 11% went by bus, 4% took the train and 2% cycled.

Over the past five years there have been increased in car, air and rail passenger numbers and distance cycled, while there has been a fall in bus and ferry passengers. There were 45.4 billion vehicle kilometres travelled on Scotland’s roads in 2015, a slight increase on the previous year. Car traffic is estimated to have increased slightly over the year to 34.7 billion vehicle kilometres and pedal cycle travel traffic is estimated to have decreased by 7% to 342 million vehicle kilometres in 2015. There were 93.2 million passenger journeys on ScotRail services in 2015/16, and increase of 0.5% since 2014/15.

The full report can be accessed here: http://www.transport.gov.scot/sites/default/files/documents/rrd_reports/uploaded_reports/SCT01171871341/SCT01171871341.pdf

01 March 2017

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