First UK Wide Survey of Public Bike Share

The first UK wide survey of public bike share was published by independent shared transport charity, Bikeplus. The survey found that bike share is attracting more people to cycle and provides a snapshot of who uses bike share and the way they use it.

Seventeen UK towns and cities have public bike share schemes, with at least another four in development, including in Brighton and Cardiff.

Key trends from the survey show that increasing numbers of women are using bike share, and that people combine it with public transport.

Proportionately more women use public bike share than ride their own bikes. Only 25% of cycle trips on personal bikes (cyclists riding their own bikes) are made by women, but 42% of people riding shared bikes are women. 50% of all those surveyed started to cycle or increased the amount they cycle as a result of the bike share scheme.

The survey showed that people use bike share for parts of trips made by public transport – 40% use bike share and the train and 20% use bike share and the bus in the same journey. The results indicate that bike share is an important tool to help to normalise cycling and provide the last mile extension to public transport.

08 February 2017

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