First SSN Member Online Event

SSN launched a new networking activity on Wednesday 1st March using the Knowledge Hub (KHub) to facilitate a discussion on the topic of electric vehicles.

In the recent SSN member survey, training and development on specific topics was ranked the third most value area of support that SSN provides to members. A facilitated discussion on the KHub enables members from across Scotland to take part and to continue to contribute over the following days, with all the information remaining online and accessible as a resource.

The topic was chosen as many Major Player organisations have reported in the 2015/16 Climate Change reports on work relating to electric vehicles and there had recently been a question asked about electric vehicles in the KHub. The topics covered during the discussion included funding sources, strategy and policy documents and working with partner organisations.

SSN members can view all posts along with an event summary posted on the Knowledge Hub here: https://khub.net/group/sustainablescotlandnetwork/forum/-/message_boards/message/31128596

For information about becoming a member of the Knowledge Hub, please contact:  Kathryn.duncan@keepscotlandbeautiful.org.

08 March 2017

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