European Week for Waste Reduction, 19-27 November

European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR), held between 19- 27 November, is Europe’s annual week aiming to get everyone thinking about how to reduce the amount we throw away in our daily lives.

In Scotland, the focus of EWWR is on food waste, but this year the theme across Europe is wasteful packaging. Participants are encouraged to think about food waste and packaging when developing their awareness raising actions for November.  Organisations, businesses, schools, and citizens are being encouraged to take action during the week to raise awareness of how to reduce waste in our society, leading to longer term sustainable behaviour.  Actions could include: hosting events, holding competitions, or sharing our messages on social media, depending on how much time and resource you have to give.


Zero Waste Scotland is the co-ordinator for EWWR in Scotland, and support and resources are available via the European Week for Waste Reduction Scotland website. The European Week for Waste Reduction toolkit contains great ideas on how to take part in the week.  Inside, you’ll find some handy resources to download as well as advice on promoting your actions.


Participants are also encouraged to register their actions so ZWS can provide you with extra support and put you forward for a European Week for Waste Reduction award. Winners will be announced at a ceremony in Barcelona next year.


For further information, please contact lfhw@zerowastescotland.org.uk

26 October 2016

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