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EAUC-Scotland publish Carbon Emissions Report

EAUC-Scotland have worked with consultant Clare Wharmby from Carbon Forecast to look at the overall sector emissions reported for 2014-15 in the Further and Higher Education (FHE) sector. This report uses data from the Public Bodies Climate Change Duties reports as well as HESA submissions to give an overview of the sector's carbon emissions, specifically in relation to the national carbon reduction targets.

The report finds that, in 2014-15, the Scottish FHE sector produced around 480,000 tCO2e as a result of its operations. The majority of these emissions came from Scope 1 and 2 sources and were related to energy use in buildings; the two key sources being natural gas and grid electricity. Business travel was also a major contributor to this emission total, which represents a consistent current trend with an increase in cheaper domestic air travel. This total does not include additional Scope 3 emissions such as student and staff commuting and procurement of goods and services, which have previously been difficult to track.

Overall emissions in the HE sector within Scotland have increased over the past seven years, from 316 MtCO2e in 2007/08 to 384 Mt in 2014/15. Reasons for this increase may include ‘boundary creep’ with increased visibility of emissions from business travel and more generally increased provision of data. If business travel is removed from the calculation, emissions have still increased by 6% between 2008/09 and 2014/15.

Further information and key findings of the report can be found here:

22 February 2017

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