Draft Climate Change Plan to be published Thursday

The Scottish Government’s draft Climate Change Plan is to be published on Thursday, January 19. This is the third report on the proposals and policies which will reduce emissions in Scotland in the coming years. The Scottish Government is also set to publish a new over-arching draft Energy Strategy to support delivery of the new Climate Change Plan.

When confirming the publication of the draft Climate Change Plan, Roseanna Cunningham, the Cabinet Secretary with responsibility for climate change used the opportunity to highlight concerns that Brexit threatens Scotland’s environmental interests. She said,


“The European Union has been a significant driver of environmental policy and legislation for the last 40 years. As consumers we have benefitted from EU rules and as a society we have achieved a high level of environmental protection and measures to combat climate change. This has helped Scotland progress our world leading low carbon ambitions.


“We must continue to do our utmost to protect our position as climate change leaders and to continue to play the role that we have been playing in contributing to EU-wide environmental policies. EU climate leadership and diplomacy and being able to negotiate on level terms with the USA, China and India, was central to delivering an ambitious international climate agreement.”


The new draft Energy Strategy, is set to shortly follow the draft Climate Change Plan, and, according to the Scottish Government will, “create a long term vision for the energy system in Scotland, setting out how energy policy can deliver economic, social and environmental outcomes that contribute to achieving sustainable, economic growth and reducing inequality.

18 January 2017

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