Climate Conversations Event

Last year, the Scottish Government, in partnership with a number of organisations, initiated a series of Climate Conversations across Scotland to encourage a public discussion on climate change. Twenty trial conversations have been held. The findings from these conversations will now be presented at a seminar, which is also a chance to get to know more about the materials and how to use them.

Delegates will hear from Sniffer and Surefoot - the organisations that facilitated the 20 climate conversations - over summer and autumn 2016, as well as discuss possible future developments. 

In September last year, Climate Outreach produced a ‘How To’ Guide, including a script and associated images, for use by organisations wishing to encourage discussion and action on climate change. Climate Outreach also published three reports on the research behind the ‘How To’ Guide. 

The seminar will take place on 2 March in Edinburgh, and further information and tickets are now available.

15 February 2017

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