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Upcycled fashion and swapping success

Watch the film celebrating the Ripped by Remode fashion show

80 young people and adults came along to swap their clothes and to witness the newest catwalk designs in upcycled clothing made by ReMode, the unique boutique for young people.

You can watch a short film of the event below.

ReMode is based in Lochwinnoch village, Renfrewshire and is run by and for young people, learning how to mend, upcycle and redesign clothes and is funded through the Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) . Local Energy Action Plan (LEAP) was awarded a CCF grant of £61,036 in March 2016 to run the Remode project which also includes activities such as bike maintenance. You can find out more about the latest activities being run by REmode through their Facebook Page.

Carbon emissions associated with the stuff we buy accounts for 15% of the average Scottish household's carbon emissions. Everything we buy has embodied carbon emissions associated with its manufacture. Disposing of unwanted items also results in carbon emissions - waste management results in about 4% of Scotland's total.  The CCF supports projects that aim to reduce emissions in this area by working to, reduce overconsumption; encourage the reuse of items; extend the life of everyday items through repair and maintenance; and promote recycling of materials.

As part of European Week for Waste Reduction we challenged our employees to use their own mugs when they buy their coffee/tea/soup from the food vans that come around our business park, rather than a single use cup.

06 December 2016

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