Online support for Climate Challenge Fund applicants

Be sure to check the ‘Plan your Project' area of the Climate Challenge Fund website.

The ‘Plan your Project' area of the Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) website contains guidance, information and contacts to help you plan and develop a strong CCF funding application.

All CCF projects seek to change people's behaviour, encouraging and supporting them to adopt low carbon behaviours.  Shifting Normal is an approach that aims to help you change things for the better by bringing together academic research on behaviour change with learning from successful community projects. The ‘Plan your Project' area has information on how you can use Shifting Normal to plan your project.

Clearly defining the change you intend to bring about from your project, and having a plan to measure that change, are crucial ingredients for securing funding and running a successful project.  The Plan your Project' area includes a video guide and further resources to support you develop outcomes and measure the difference your project is making.

Applicants can also access a variety of useful information, resources and worked examples organised by each theme of project. This includes:

  • An example project plan to help with outcomes and project planning
  • An example of how the CCF carbon tool has been used to estimate carbon savings
  • Links to eligible items and activities
  • Links to useful third party partners and resources

If you have any queries while completing your CCF application form, please contact your Development Officer.

The deadline to submit your Draft Application is 5pm on Friday 8 September 2017.

The deadline to submit your Final Application is 5pm on Friday 27 October 2017.

04 September 2017

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