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Find the support you need to take action on climate change

The Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) website has recently been re-launched, with a new design to make easier than ever for those running CCF projects and other community groups to access the support they need to take action on climate change.

If you are running a CCF project you will find the Plan and Run your Project section of the website particularly useful. The CCF Project Toolkit sits in this area of the website and provides tools, video guides, branding information and resources to help you run your project.

CCF in Action is a new section of the website where you’ll find videos and case studies so you can learn more about previously funded projects, plus opportunities to meet, network and share with the community groups and other organisations that make up the CCF Community. You will also soon be able to search for currently funded CCF projects in your local area through our interactive online map.

You can learn more about climate change, carbon emissions and how to share this information with your community under the new Climate Change Engagement heading. Why not hold a discussion about climate change with your community through a Climate Conversation, or commit to take action on climate change through Scotland's Climate Change Pledge for Communities?

The News area of the website still contains all the CCF and third party funding announcements, training and resources you would expect, plus weekly features on CCF Grant Recipients. Similarly, our online events diary still offers an easy way to search and register online for free training and events.

CCF funding is currently closed, but you can find out more information about who and what is eligible for funding in the Applying for CCF funding section of the website. Don’t forgot you can sign up to receive our quarterly newsletter via the CCF website homepage so you will also be notified about all the latest news.

04 April 2017

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