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Fourth year of Pass it on Week

We encourage community groups to get involved from 10-18 March 2018.

Pass it on Week is all about re-use - passing things on so they can be re-used by someone else, buying second hand items, swapping, sharing, upcycling and repairing.  The week is run by Zero Waste Scotland and this year it’s from 10-18 March 2018.

We encourage community groups, including those running Climate Challenge Fund projects to get involved with Pass it on Week. Community-led organisations from Development Trusts to Student Unions have got involved in the past, with events including amnesties of a variety of items and a range of workshops demonstrating how to reduce, reuse and recycle. This year Zero Waste Scotland are including a musical amnesty encouraging people to pass on unwanted musical instruments.  

For more information, register for a copy of the Zero Waste Scotland toolkit, which includes an ideas guide and lots of useful resources including posters and social media banners.

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20 February 2018

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