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Don't Throw It, Sew It

80s Fashion Show celebrates reuse of textiles that would have ended up in landfill

Craigshill Good Neighbour Network took us back to the 80s to both recognise and encourage participation in their Don't Throw It, Sew It Project.

The project was awarded a grant of £59,505 from the Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund in 2016 to to cut carbon emissions by reducing the amount of clothing and textile items from Craigshill, West Lothian that end up in landfill. Activities have included pop-up clothing and textile collection points, upcycling workshops and waste reduction advice forums.

For the fashion show members of the community worked hard to re-purpose unwanted textiles donated to the project to create 80's style clothes and decorations. There were also objects, photos and games from the 80's and the chance test your Space Invader skills on an Atari 2800 console.

If you want to find out more or become involved with the project you can find them on Facebook at

11 April 2017

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